Writing Is Hard

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Writing is Hard.

Seriously hard.

As someone who doesn’t write nearly as much as I should it can be daunting to even begin.

The main issue, for me at least, is the pursuit of perfection – or more accurately and less egotistically – the inability to leave things out and focus on the main story I’m trying to tell. I don’t suffer from a lack of ideas on interesting topics, but whenever I finally find time (and willpower!) to write, I’m often overwhelmed by how much I want to say. Words start flowing, but that don’t stop. Before long I have paragraph after paragraph with increasingly ambitious scope, and increasingly less value, as all that’s left is a flurry of half formed ideas – none of which achieving the intended goal of engaging on or persuading a particular point.

As in many things, sometimes the most important and difficult steps are to start and then know when to stop. Then having something to show for it, however small.

So here we are.